Aerial Silks

– Offered: Lowell ONLY

Our Aerial Silk Classes are designed to help our members with flexibility, upper body and core strength, body awareness, and relaxation!  Can’t make it to a yoga class?  These half hour classes provide a phenomenal stretch and release for your body. We would love our members to add this into their weekly schedule to pair with their strength and conditioning classes!

Aerial Fitness Benefits

Benefits of aerial fitness include but not limited to:

  • spinal decompression
  • lymphatic movement
  • myo-fascial tissue / adhesion release
  • fun mental acuity
  • feeling of well being
  • core strengthening
  • upper body development
  • lower body stability
  • strengthen postural alignment muscles
  • improve spatial awareness
  • moving your body 3 dimensionally
  • joint rotation and mobility
  • muscle toning and strengthening
  • create community with others going thru the same process
  • increased circulation to the pituitary gland
  • increase fluidity and agility in daily living
  • safely experience more advanced positions and deeper poses
  • working with and against gravity  creates length or strength
  • lessen pressure on joints to improve range of motion