Beginner Metabolic Effect

– Offered: Lowell

Beginner Metabolic Effect is a much slower version of our advanced-level classes. Your instructor will take the time to break down each functional movement, explaining form, alignment, and proper pace.

ME training is a unique type of exercise utilizing multiple joint movements and full body exercisies to create a “ripple effect” on the metabolism. ME training provides real results in less time by:

  • Using full body exercises so clients burn maximum calories in minimum time
  • Generating the correct intensity to release hormones for fat burning.
  • Creating an increased metabolism that lasts hours and even days after exercise (the metabolic “ripple” effect)
  • Adding fat burning “machinery” to the body so clients burn more calories at rest.
  • Using exercises that develop enhanced body function and increased fitness
  • Constantly changing the workout so the body never knows what’s coming