Juice Bar

Revitalive Raw Juice:
100% Organic Fresh Cold-Pressed Juices. Prepared in small batches from local farms and delivered to your door.Raw, Gluten-free, Dairy-free,Soy-free, Non-GMO, HPP

Benefits of raw food
Revitalive has worked for a long time in the nutrition field, and we’ve seen theories of food science come and go. But the one thing all scientists still agree on is the nutritional power of raw food.

What is Raw Food?
Simply put, raw food is food that hasn’t been cooked or exposed to temperatures over 118º F. Once you’re over that point, most vitamins, digestive enzymes and plant proteins have been destroyed or damaged. That includes some powerful antioxidants, your body’s first line against disease.

Health Benefits of Raw Food
Fresh, organic raw food keeps these important phytonutrients (plant nutrients) intact. Your body doesn’t have to fight to process unnatural chemicals or saturated animal fats. It can relax and digest what’s important.
The health benefits are immediate. Raw juice with food fresh from New England farms (whenever possible), our clients have reported:
• Weight Loss
• Increased Energy
• Better Skin
• Stronger Immunity

And, perhaps most importantly, a much happier, healthier approach to life.

Fresh-Pressed Juices & Juice Cleansing
Think of your body like a sponge sucking up nutrients. Though it’s important to keep whole fruits and vegetables in your diet, it’s a lot easier for a sponge to absorb a pint of juice than six pounds of fresh spinach!

But not all juices are created equal:
Most of the juices you’ll find in the supermarket have been pasteurized (overheated), sugared, diluted or laced with additives.
Whatever nutritional value they once had is gone forever. This bothered us. A lot. So we developed our fresh-pressed Just Juice Cleanse. Using seasonal produce from local farms and organic fruits and vegetables from trusted sources, we’ve put together a delicious selection of easy-to-digest juices.Each unpasteurized, organic juice has been specially developed to provide you with a powerful boost of specific vitamins and minerals.

You can use them without food, in a daily juice cleansing, or add them to your regular diet. Some of our clients opt for a weekly juice plan to get their full quotient of fruits and veggies.