Physical Therapy & FMS

SLS Physical Therapy

SLS Physical Therapists Courtney Ford, Heather Rozen and Rebecca Glass team up to provide SLS members corrective exercise screens, soft tissue massage, injury prevention and education to get you back to doing the things that you love to do.

SLS offers Physical Therapy for various Treatments of Dysfunctions,  Sport Injuries, and provides FMS Screens!

What is FMS

Why FMS for Highschool and Collegiate Sports

This is exciting for SLS members.  There is nothing worse than being injured or suffering pain during workouts.  Having a PT in house to go to for all our questions, evaluations, and pain management is wonderful to get members back pain free, powerful and to prevent future injury.  Its nice to build a relationship with a PT that knows our weaknesses, limitations and can advise what classes, exercises and programs will fit our needs.  Please email for more information about our physical therapy options.