TruForm Treadmills

The Best Non-Motorized Holistic Treadmill Trainer 

For Proper Running and Walking Form!

Workout on your own, or use during an SLS Class!

What is a Tru form treadmill?
They do not plug in! No motor or electrical components and the TrueForm has zero electrical consumption!
The TrueForm is engineered and hand built in Chester, CT. The simple design of this unique, non-motorized treadmill is what makes it one of the most effective devices for developing proper running and walking technique. The TrueForm features an innovative slightly curved deck and smooth running belt that is controlled 100% by the movements and force of the athlete/member using it. There are no complex buttons and settings to worry about.
Great for Rehabilitation:
Ideal for runners and rehab patients may need more assistance or security the security of a standard handrail at 35″
Performance Training:
Designed for explosive high speed. The wrap around handrail allows
athletes/members to add sprint training for high intensity workouts.