Jeanmarie Holmes

Sept 18th, 2014

Before SLS I had tried “Super Fitness”, “Work out World”, “Gold’s Gym”, “Weight Watchers” and various other “drop in/trial” classes…nothing EVER fit! I’d sign up go a handful of times and never go back. Often leaving me feeling more dejected than before I tried working out. I spun into a cycle of “I’m bound to be stuck this way” thinking, unhealthy eating, weight gain and lowered energy. My medical history also dictated my “abilities” to work out, per these other gyms. They babied me, were afraid to look beyond my history and made me feel like I should be happy with the little I could do and encouraged me to “take it easy”.

I’ll never forget my first class at SLS! My niece dragged me along saying I’d love it. I was less than optimistic! It was a ME class and I said “Weights?!?! I can’t do weights!” Well, Sherri proved me wrong! She spoke with me briefly and said absolutely, gave me weights and kept an eye on me and offered lil tip or two along the way. I felt so great after class I even tried the Interval Boxing class after! From that point on, after 2 days of “good muscle ache”, I was back at SLS and I’ve been a member ever since! loosing almost 35 pounds in the process!

Over the years, I have listened to the advice, attended seminars, participated in cleanses, did the fat loss program, had One on One check ins and recently pushed myself to complete the 21 day challenge…I can say with absolute certainty, if it were not for the knowledge, support and influence of the entire SLS staff, I would not have made these life changing decisions on my own…simply because it overwhelmed me and I didn’t have the time to invest in my own health!

Since then, we are a mostly organic (food wise, still making transitions with the rest!) home, exercise regularly, got my husband to join as well as my kids and I love trying and making new healthy recipes! An active life, cooking healthy and living healthy is not a chore anymore thanks to all the support we’ve had. I could not go back to any other way of living, eating and training!

Gratefully, a member for life!